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What do our customers say?

Blasian egg rolls are sooo good

Blasian egg rolls are sooo good. I love the vegetable and chicken egg rolls. I have not tried the breakfast ones yet but plan to in the near future. I highly recommend these egg rolls.


Can’t Stop

Once you start you can’t stop.


Lifetime Satisfied Customer

When I first tried the egg rolls I said when does the business open? You are definitely onto something! I was so happy I started telling people that didn’t know about these egg rolls. My favorite flavor is beef but I absolutely love all of the flavors. I love to freeze mine and eat at my leisure. My suggestion would be a buffalo chicken one. Wow imagine that! Chinese egg rolls are no comparison. I will continue to be a lifetime satisfied customer.


I keep coming back!

I keep coming back for more and enjoy trying the various fillings. This breakfast one has me excited!


Tiffany never disappoints!

Do you want consistency, outstanding customer service and your food made with flavor and love? Then you’ve come to the right place. These are the best authentic egg rolls you’ll ever have! Tiffany never disappoints!


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